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MOWT: Mass of Water Turbine

Front View MOWT.jpg

Our MOWT technology is a hydrokinetic turbine that generates power from flowing water. The flowing water may be rivers, tidal estuaries or ocean currents. The turbine is a conveyor based system with paddles that extend into the water, obstructing the flow. The water drives the conveyor around, turning the onboard generator which generates electricity. MOWT can generate power floating at the surface of the water, or fully submerged. In-built adjustable buoyancy modules allow MOWT to self-deploy and install.


We have designed MOWT to efficiently harness energy at relatively low flow speeds - sub 2m/s. This is possible because MOWT generates energy from the Mass (or volume) of water, allowing us to harness the power  available with lower flow speeds. This gives MOWT far greater deployment opportunities than traditional hydrokinetic turbines. The technology is entirely scalable from low kilowatt outputs for individual applications to multi-megawatt outputs for grid connection.

Benefits & USPs

Outlined below are a number of the benefits and USPs of the MOWT technology.

Image by Jack Anstey

Slow Flow

Designed specifically to extract energy from slow flowing water.

Upward Curve


Entirely scalable from low kilowatts to multi-megawatts.



Inbuilt adjustable buoyancy system allows MOWT to self install, floating or submerged.



We can work alongside other developers as we generally target different areas of flow.

Image by Milos Prelevic

Fish Friendly

Rotating at the same speed as the water flows, MOWT is fish and mammal friendly.


Deployment Potential

Slow flow means there are far greater opportunities to deploy compared to high flow speeds.


MOWT has been under development for several years where continual research and development has led to the design and build of multiple prototype systems. Outlined below are our Mark 1 and Mark 2 systems.

MOWT Mark 2 - 2023

Following successful deployment of our Mark 1 prototype system, we have been busy engineering the Mark 2. Computational modelling and reengineering of the Mark 1 to  incorpotate lessons learned has led to the double conveyor system shown opposite.


We are currently working on getting our Mark 2 system ready for deployment in a marine environment.


MOWT Mark 1 - 2020

Shown opposite is our Mark 1 Prototype system. Deployed in a river environment in 2020, this system generated approximately 10kW of power.

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