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Market Opportunity

Typical Island Resource

The UK is a typical island with vast amounts of tidal energy around our shores. Our technology can harness much of that energy as can be seen from these diagrams.

Areas of flow exceeding 2m/s

UK resource map  2ms.jpg

Areas of flow exceeding 1m/s

The areas highlighted on the first map show where the annual flow speeds of the waters around the UK exceed 2m/s. This is the tidal waters around the UK where other tidal turbines are generally deployed. 

The areas highlighted on the second map show where the annual flow speeds of the waters around the UK exceed 1m/s. This is the tidal waters around the UK where MOWT can be deployed to efficiently harness energy.

The diagrams above clearly show that the potential deployment sites for MOWT are far greater than traditional turbine sites which are limited to the areas of high speed. The high speed areas are located far from population density and are extremely challenging to operate in.

MOWT can be deployed in the less energetic areas to harness energy from a wider number of sites. This means MOWT can be deployed close to where the energy is required. The less energetic flow is less demanding on the system and makes installation and maintenance simpler.

Applications and Markets

Our MOWT technology can be deployed to provide power for a significant number of applications from small scale kilowatt devices to large, multi-megawatt systems. Listed below are a few examples of where our MOWT technology can be deployed.

Image by Thijs Kennis

Isolated Communities

Often not grid connected and reliant on diesel generators. 

Image by Asael Peña


Ocean observation and navigation is often limited by battery capacity. Remote power provides level of secrecy once deployed.

Image by Zachary Theodore

Oil and Gas

Often require remote subsea power solutions. Renewables contribute to carbon reduction.

City river


Power from rivers can provide green power to private properties, businesses and estates.

Image by Martin Martz


Incredibly energy intensive process, energy prices have a major impact. Often located near rivers and tidal waters.

Gas projects Hydrogen.jpg


Energy intensive to produce. Marine energy can provide the predictability required for hydrogen production.

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish


Often located in tidal areas but with power generally provided by diesel generators.


Grid Scale

Multi-megawatt scale for offshore deployment to feed into the National grid.

Plastic Water Bottles


Small scale systems require 10-100s of kW to produce clean water. Often rely on diesel. Can be done with mechanical power only.

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