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About Rivtide Power

Generating power efficiently from the flowing waters of rivers and tides.

Rivtide Power, a subsidiary of MWNW Consulting Ltd. was launched in 2023 with the purpose of focusing solely on the development of our MOWT technology. The technology has been under development under MWNW for several years.

It is our aim to rapidly develop our revolutionary technology to accelerate the energy transition. We understand that implementing new technology brings risk which is why we like to work with our customers to secure a mutual goal.

Rivtide Power is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.



We aspire to be part of the solution to the energy transition.

Rivtide Power is committed to providing renewable energy solutions that are economic, innovative, scalable and designed to protect our planet. We like to challenge traditional methods and we look to do things a bit differently in order to bring substantial carbon emissions reductions through adoption of our technology.

Rivtide Power is a progressive company who recognises and develops employee's talent, offering equal opportunities to a diverse workforce. We are committed to providing fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

Meet the Team

A team of industry experts who are experienced entrepreneurs and business owners. We are passionate about the technical and commercial success of our technology. Our team has decades of experience operating in the marine environment as well as previous success in developing technologies from concept to commercialisation.


Our Team are dedicated to ensuring we play our part in the energy transition.


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