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Sustainable Marine Energy

There is a major requirement globally for safe, robust and scalable renewable power in order to reduce our carbon emissions to achieve net zero targets whilst also providing a level of consistency to the supply of electricity. 

The solution to this problem is being able to economically harness the immense power available in global rivers and tidal streams.

Our Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT) forms part of the solution to this problem by harnessing power from lower speed, less harsh environments.

Rivtide MOWT 1.jpg


Our patented MOWT technology has been developed to efficiently harness the immense, predictable power that is available in rivers, tidal estuaries and ocean currents. We have developed our technology to harness energy from the mass (volume) of flow rather than the speed, ensuring there are an abundance of deployment sites globally. The system is entirely scalable from low kilowatts of power to multi-megawatts.

Our Technology

Where we Operate

Our MOWT technology can be deployed in a vast array of markets and applications to provide safe, robust and predictable power globally.


Our small scale systems can be deployed in rivers to provide power to individual properties, or can be deployed in offshore environments to provide remote subsea power.

Our larger scale systems can be deployed to provide predicable power to businesses and isolated communities.

Markets and Applications

Our Team

Our experienced team are all dedicated to the success of Rivtide Power and the MOWT technology.

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